Areola Reconstruction

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Areola reconstruction involves one of two techniques and includes either skin grafting or micropigmentation or tattoo. Skin grafts need to be taken from the inner thigh and therefore, create a scar somewhere else on the body. Therefore, we prefer areola reconstruction via the tattoo technique. We consult with each of our patients to select a particular color for the areola. When choosing colors for your areola tattooing, women should remember that some fading does occur with time. Areola tattooing is performed in the office under local anesthesia approximately 6 weeks after nipple reconstruction.

All the inks are medical grade, sterile, and do not contain any lead. The needles used for tattoo are all sterile so that contamination is not possible.

After tattoo care includes keeping the area moist with antibiotic ointment and waiting 48 hours before getting the area wet.

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