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If you are considering DIEP Flap (deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap) breast reconstruction in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, or St. Augustine you have found the right place for you. At Desai Plastic Surgery, we have created microsurgical breast reconstruction centers of excellence in Jacksonville to help women afflicted with breast cancer.

The DIEP flap is the most advanced type of breast reconstruction available to women with breast cancer. Unlike the TRAM procedure, where all the muscle is taken, the DIEP flap preserves all of your abdominal musculature. Only skin and fat are removed and shaped to reconstruct your breasts. Since no muscle is harvested, patients experience less pain and preserve their core strength over the long-term.

In Florida, DIEP flaps are performed in regional centers specializing in these procedures. The skin and fat are harvested and molded in a natural shaped breast. Patients receive the added benefit of a tummy tuck on their abdomen and have a flatter leaner torso. The skin and fat from the belly is revascularized via microsurgery, where the artery and veins are hooked up. The success rate of DIEP flap breast reconstruction is >95%.

The main advantage of the DIEP Flap over the TRAM flap is that the skin and fat is removed and the muscle is left behind completely intact. This preserves your abdominal wall strength and minimizes the chance of developing an abdominal wall bulge or hernia.

Most private insurance companies do cover the DIEP Flap breast reconstruction and we pre-authorize all the procedures prior to surgery to ensure insurance coverage.


Who is a candidate for a DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction?

The best candidates for DIEP flap breast reconstruction are patients in good health with some skin and fat on their lower abdomen. We ask patients to be nicotine free surrounding their surgery to help minimize complications with wound healing.

Recovery after your Jacksonville / Florida DIEP Flap breast reconstruction.

The recovery for your DIEP flap breast reconstruction varies. Most patients are hospitalized from 4-7 days for their procedure. During the first 48 hours, the flaps are carefully monitored to ensure no clot formation. Patients will begin walking on day 2-3 and be asked to wear an abdominal binder to provide support to the abdominal area.
The wound heals over the coming week or so and the drains are removed after approximately 10 days. Patients are restricted from heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks. The overall recovery for DIEP flap breast reconstruction ranges from 3-6 weeks depending on the individual. To learn more, please call our office today at (904)-262-3372 to schedule a consultation.

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