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Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Immediate reconstruction is defined as breast reconstruction that begins at the time of mastectomy. Dr. Desai will coordinate surgery with your general surgeon so that your mastectomy and breast reconstruction are performed at the same time. There are several benefits of immediate reconstruction, but not everyone is a candidate.

Advantages of Immediate Breast Reconstruction

  • Less overall scarring
  • Reduced time living with a flat chest
  • Less psychological trauma
  • Better cosmetic results are achieved with immediate reconstruction
  • Fewer times under general anesthesia

Disadvantages of Immediate Breast Reconstruction

  • Cosmetic results can be thwarted if radiation therapy is required



There are some misnomers preached by physicians that many recent studies have dismissed with regards to immediate reconstruction.

  • Immediate breast reconstruction when compared to mastectomy alone does not delay chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Patients undergoing immediate reconstruction have no difference in survival rates or local recurrence rates when compared to mastectomy alone
  • No difference in the detection of local recurrence
  • Immediate reconstruction is an option for patients with both invasive and non-invasive breast cancer.
  • Patients can elect to have a prophylactic mastectomy to avoid further mammograms, etc, but this is not required for breast reconstruction

Delayed Breast Reconstruction

Delayed breast reconstruction refers to creating a breast after patients have completed their chemotherapy and/or their radiation therapy. Patients can elect to undergo delayed breast reconstruction anywhere from 1 month after chemotherapy, 3-6 months after radiation treatment, or anytime in their lifetime.

Advantages of Delayed Breast Reconstruction

  • Can consider options
  • Radiation tends to change the immediate reconstruction and can diminish the quality of the aesthetic result

Disadvantages of Delayed Breast Reconstruction

  • Awaken with a flat mastectomy scar on chest
  • Although results are good for delayed reconstruction, we can often achieve better results with immediate reconstruction


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