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Latissimus Muscle with Implant / Tissue Expander

Skin and fat along with the latissimus can be rotated from your back to the chest to help bring undamaged tissue to the breast and create a framework for your reconstruction. The latissimus flap has been performed for nearly 40 years with great success and minimal long-term morbidity. Studies demonstrate only a 3-5% loss in strength for arm abduction.

The most common indication for the use of the latissimus muscle for breast reconstruction is for patients who have delayed reconstruction after undergoing radiation therapy. Radiation therapy causes damage to the pectoralis major muscle under which most implants are placed whether for breast reconstruction or augmentation. The radiation injury to the pectoralis muscle increases the overall complication rate for implant placement under this muscle. Therefore, by bringing unirradiated muscle such as the latissimus muscle, we can create a healthier pocket for your breast implant and significantly reduce the risk of complications such as implant exposure, implant infection, or capsular contracture.



  • More upper pole fullness/cleavage is able to be created
  • Radiation related complications are significantly reduced with the latissimus muscle covering the implant
  • Since skin is also transferred, some of the radiated / burned skin of the chest can be replaced.


  • A linear scar on the back around the bra line results
  • Breast tissue may form capsule around the implant causing the breast to become firm and sometimes painful
  • Fluid can collect in the back donor site area in about 15% of patients after the drains are removed requiring needle drainage in the office


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