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SIEA FLAP (Superficial Inferior Epigastric Perforator)

The skin and fat from the lower abdomen is harvested and removed while preserving small blood vessels above the fascia. No muscle dissection or fascial incisions are necessary. The skin and fat are then microsurgically transferred to the chest to complete the breast reconstruction.


  • Least invasive of all microsurgical flaps
  • There is no risk of bulging or hernia since there are no incisions into the fascia
  • Flatter abdomen


  • Survival rate / Success rate of SIEA flap is lower than DIEP flaps
  • Only a small percentage of patients (5%) have the necessary anatomy to complete this operation safely.

(Superior & Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator Flaps)
Skin and fat from either the upper part of the buttocks or lower buttocks is harvested while preserving the gluteus muscles. The skin and fat are then transferred to the chest to complete the microsurgical breast reconstruction. These flaps are generally reserved from patients that are not candidates for DIEP flaps or other types of breast reconstruction.


  • Able to use your own tissue for breast reconstruction without the need for implants in most cases.


  • The procedure is even more complex than the other types of microsurgical reconstruction, and, therefore, takes longer.
  • If blood flow to the flap is interrupted, some or all of the flap may be lost requiring further surgery.
  • Buttocks fat is more globular in nature and therefore, more difficult to shape in an aesthetic breast mound
  • The removal of skin and fat from your buttocks comes with a sacrifice of a scar and often flattening of your buttocks.

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