Partial Breast Reconstruction

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Breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy and radiation can be challenging.  There are several options for partial breast reconstruction that include:

  1. Latissimus muscle flap
  2. Fat grafting
  3. Tissue expander
  4. Breast reduction

Often radiated lumpectomy defects can cause a hollow appearing area in only one quadrant of the breast. When this is the case, the most common partial breast reconstruction involves the use of the latissimus muscle flap to bring healthy non-irradiated tissue to the fill the defect size. 

In some patients with significantly enlarged breasts, a breast reduction aimed at repositioning the breast tissue can help restore the breast and nipple to a higher more elevated position and restore symmetry.

Some plastic surgeons advocate fat grafting for partial breast reconstruction. However, since there is remaining breast tissue and radiation injury, fat grafting should be performed cautiously. Some of the fat may not live and can cause abnormal findings on follow up mammograms. You should carefully discuss this with your plastic surgeon prior to considering fat grafting for partial breast reconstruction. Fat grafting after mastectomy, however, is a very useful tool plastic surgeon’s use to help create a softer more natural reconstructed breast.

In other patients desiring partial breast reconstruction, the breast gland as a whole becomes smaller than the other side. These patients can often benefit from the placement of a tissue expander, followed by a permanent implant.

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